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Tudor Grange

Central Aikikai

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Course 2017(last updated 2.1.17)

Date                     Event title                                                           Venue

26 – 28.01.2017    Aikido course                                     Enshinkai Aikido Dojo                        Linz                        Austria

11.02.2017             Aikido Course                                     Warwick University,                           Warwick                   UK

17 - 19.2.2017       UKA Winter School 2017                  Wycombe Judo Centre                     Wycombe                UK

25 -26.02.2017     BB Spring Course 2017                     Bilberry Hill Centre                            Birmingham          National              

3-5.03.2017           Birankai Austria Spring Course       O Sen Kan                                           Dornbirn                 Austria

19-21 May              Birankai France                                   Cercle of aikido                                  Paris                       France

2nd July                 CMW Junior course                             CMW                                                    Kingsheath             UK

15-21 JUL             BE Summer School 2017                  Birankai Germany                  Annweiler am Trifels       Germany

22 - 28.07.2017    BB Summer School 2017                 University of Worcester                    Worcester               National

7-8 OCT                 BB Autunm Course 2017                  Sale Grammer School                     Manchester             National

20-22 OCT            Birankai Austria Weapons Seminar O Sen Kan                                         Dornbirn                  Austria

4 NOV                     CMW Joint Course                              CMW                                                    BHAM                        UK

26 NOV                   CMW Junior Course                           CMW                                                    BHAM                        UK

TBC                        Xmas party Wythall
TBC                        TG last class
TBC                       CMW last class

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